I had to talk about her. I have to admit, I love her. She’s feisty, she’s independent, she’s black and beautiful, she’s the self-proclaimed president of single mothers…who wouldn’t love her personality and why? It’s funny though, her haters keep following her, they say she annoys them so much and yet, they are on her page 24/7, curious and anxious to know what she’s up to…honestly this is misbehaving.

Akothee ( Esther Akoth) has been trending a lot lately in the Kenyan social media sites…somehow she gives Ezekiel Mutua, the CEO of the Kenya Film Classification Board, an itch. Akothee’s performances gives Dr. Ezekiel Mutua sleepless nights. It’s free drama, I appreciate free drama. Akothee on the other hand is very outspoken, I never see her starting fights, but she sure knows how to fight and win with a landslide.


She’s an entrepreneur, very successful. I haven’t met her personally but I tend to think she’s an honest person, an open book. She has often talked about her life before her success…a section of Kenyans have chosen to pick things that they don’t like about Akothee’s past and used them to spread hate and displeasure. C’mon! Just because you sin/sinned differently, doesn’t make you a saint in someone else’s life! I won’t deny, I have personally judged people about their past, but only when they committed serious crimes…I know, maybe it doesn’t change the fact that it’s still judgement. I’ve watched on T.V, people who were previously murderers, going to church to repent their sins and I’ve been like “Ai, God, this one should not be forgiven”. I still hold the same view about people who commit such serious crimes..but I leave it all to God. Though honestly, if I lie about something trivial, the lie doesn’t hurt anybody whatsoever, why should my small sin be the same as some robber’s sins? I mean, why? Anyway, I am only human, imperfect, I could never understand.


Back to Akothee, she has five kids, the older kids seem to be doing very well…the younger kids are well, young. She’s a brand and she is self actualized. Some of those who criticize everything she does, are still struggling to climb up Maslow’s hierarchy of needs pyramid, or they are still stuck at the lowest level. This is hard truth. Isn’t this motivation enough to say “hey, if she went through all these but still made it, I can make it too, considering I have a better approach”. It’s good to transfer that amount of energy used in hating to  build oneself.  Sometimes, when you have nothing good to say, don’t say anything at all. Also, if it gives you negative energy, walk away from it. This is my advice to Akothee’s haters, do not let anything she does depress you, just stop following her and watch how peaceful your life will be. As for me, I will continue loving Akothee and enjoying all the drama that comes with her. She’s one of the female celebrities in Kenya that I love to follow. The other one is Betty Kyalo, then there’s Kate actress…the list is long.





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